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Emphasis: '' for italics, __ for bold, ''__ for both.
Lists: * for bullet lists, # for numbered lists, ; term : definition for definition lists.
References: JoinCapitalizedWords or use square brackets for a [page link] or URL [http://cool.wiki.int/].
Footnotes: Use [1],[2],[3],...
Preventing linking: Prefix with "!": !DoNotHyperlink, name links like [[text | URL] (double up on the "[").
Misc: "!", "!!", "!!!" make headings, "%%%" makes a linebreak, "----" makes a horizontal rule.

See GoodStyle tips for editing.


~~</tt> for _*both, <tt>~= for fixed width.

_Term:~<new-line> definition_ for definition lists.


~?page link or URL ~~http:/cool.wiki.int?~http://cool.wiki.int/.

~~~?DoNotHyperlink, name links like ~?text.

" or "~
" makes a linebreak, "~----" makes a horizontal rule.

small tt em strong abbr acronym cite code dfn kbd samp var sup sub

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