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Emphasis: '' for italics, __ for bold, ''__ for both.
Lists: * for bullet lists, # for numbered lists, ; term : definition for definition lists.
References: JoinCapitalizedWords or use square brackets for a [page link] or URL [].
Footnotes: Use [1],[2],[3],...
Preventing linking: Prefix with "!": !DoNotHyperlink, name links like [[text | URL] (double up on the "[").
Misc: "!", "!!", "!!!" make headings, "%%%" makes a linebreak, "----" makes a horizontal rule.



term here
definition here, as in the <DL><DT><DD> list



 This is in monospace

This is not

Indented Paragraphs

this is an indented block of text


this will not work



      ||  __Name__               |v __Cost__   |v __Notes__
      | __First__   | __Last__
      |> Jeff       |< Dairiki   |^  Cheap     |< Not worth it
      |> Marco      |< Polo      | Cheaper     |< Not available
will generate
 First   Last 
 Jeff   Dairiki   Cheap   Not worth it 
 Marco   Polo   Cheaper   Not available 
Note that multiple |'s lead to spanned columns, and v's can be used to span rows. A > generates a right justified column, < a left justified column and ^ a centered column (which is the default.)

HTML Mark-Up Language

More detail than you want to know

See MagicPhpWikiURLs for gory details on how to write various kind of wiki maintainance links.


[1] By using [1] a second time (in the first column) the footnote itself is defined. You may refer to a footnote as many times as you want, but you may only define it once on the page. Note the the [1] in the footnote links back to the first reference, if there are multiple references there will be +'s after the [1] which will link to the other references. (References which come after the footnote definition will not be linked to.)


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