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When you get tired of the StandardJazzRegistrations and the other textbook DrawbarRegistrations, here's some more to try.

This list of presets was compiled from a "What's your favorite secret preset?" thread on TheHammondForum. But feel free to add your own "secrets" to the list!

88 0000 888:

   Use for V1 for a retro/Monkees (Vox Continental-ish) sound

00 8808 008:

  with V1 for Farfisa, flute-like sound (from ?BobTroutman)

88 4455 678:

  With C2 it gives a somewhat paradoxical Hammond sound with almost a calliope quality. -- Matt W

86 8600 006:

  (JimmyMcGriff) -- ScottHawthorn

85 0000 058:


80 8880 000:

  -- Carl Najman

88 8040 000:

  -- Ernie Sample

63 5800 000:


08 2600 000:

  A wierd intonation solo setting like ... got it from a Larry Goldings CD, it is most unusual -- ToussaintThompson
_like the solo Organ in 'The Pink Panther'_ -- Syntexis

80 0000 008:

  Whistle - Can be heard by the great BillyPreston on Eric Clapton's "Have You Ever Loved A Woman," especially on the 'Crossroads Guitar Festival' version.

80 8000 008:

  C3.  Rock, R&B ballads with Gospel flavor. -- Barry Reynolds

00 8000 000:

  Probably the only way to make the L-100 vibrato sound good.
  All vibrato tabs down and used for playing 60 ish solo leads. -- Tobias Kuremyr

00 0000 888:

  Use this with a decending palm gliss to make a "hissing" waterfall-type sound. Sounds great with a lot of reverb and fast Leslie!

85 6000 008:

  Very close to Gregg Rolie's comp in Santana's "Song of the Wind" (from Caravanserai).  Of course, he's changing registrations so fast you only hear it briefly, but it's in there. -- Sam Fleming

80 8808 008:

  The intro to Santana's Black Magic woman - 808808008 - with a small amount of tremelo. Does it for me!!!


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