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The "Standard Jazz" Registrations for Drawbars.

These registrations will make your organ sound like 90% of the recorded jazz material extant (however, see also: ErrolGarnerStyle):

B Preset Upper

    Registration: 88 8000 000
    Percussion:   FourUp (On,Soft,Fast,3rd)
    Vibrato:      V-3/C-3 on or off to taste.
    Registration: 88 8000 00x--- adjust 1' to taste for whistle
    Percussion:   Off
    Vibrato:      On/Off

A# Preset Upper

    Registration: 88 8888 888
    Vibrato:      C-3 on or off to taste.
    Leslie:       Fast or off.

B Preset Lower

    Registration: 83 8000 000
    Vibrato:      C-3 on or off to taste.
    Comment:      Left hand bass, right hand comp.

A# Preset Lower

    Registration: 00 8600 000 --- 8' and 4' to taste.
    Pedals:       x0 --- adjust 16' to taste.
    Comment:      Use to play left hand chords when playing bass on pedals.


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