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The Hammond Forum was started [February, 1999] and is run by DonErickson. The mailing list exists to provide an open forum for discussion of Hammond/Leslie sound, maintenance, history, clones, and related points of interest.

See for more information on the list (and how to subscribe.)

The archives of the list are available at:

Here's a from you can use to search the archives using Google:

Pictures of various list denizens can be viewed at:

Historical Notes

The mailing list used to be bidirectionally gatewayed to/from the usenet news group (which incidentally was also started by DonErickson in [January, 1998]). The link was severed in December, 2001.

This list was previously known (at least by some) as the "Hamster" list. Archives of that incarnation are also available at the above url.

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