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Added a Google AdSense banner to see if I can make this site self-supporting. Let me know if you find them overly annoying, or if you have other compments.
Upgraded to the latest version of PhpWiki. (This site is now running a custom-hacked version of the latest CVS code.) This introduces many, many new features, and, undoubtedly, also many, many new bugs. Do let me know when you find them., or, make a note on HammondWikiBugs.
RecentChanges is now available in a RSS (version 1.0) format at (If you don't know what that means, then you probably don't care.) See WikiRss for an index entry.
Upgraded to the latest release (1.2.0) of PhpWiki. -- JeffDairiki
I have changed the license under which HammondWiki is released from the GPL to the OPL. -- JeffDairiki
JeffSimpson has added his list of MistakesInTheBeautyInTheB.

BradBaker has graciously granted us permission to use his old

Hammond-Leslie FAQ as seed material for HammondWiki.

I've put a copy of the OriginalHammondLeslieFaq online. I plan to start copying material from it into this Wiki sometime soon.

  • If anyone feels like helping, step right up!*

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