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The HammondWiki pages are implemented using PhpWiki (version 1.2.0) written by SteveWainstead.

PhpWiki still has some bugs. See PhpWikiBugs.

PhpWiki is written in the server-side scripting language PHP, available from PHP resembles C and Perl in its syntax, and functions much like ASP, EmbPerl or JSP.

PhpWiki consists of a dozen or so files of mixed PHP and HTML. The web pages that make up a WikiWikiWeb based on PHP live in a MySQL database. Backup copies of previous versions of pages are stored in a second table in the database.

Every time a user hits the site the page requested is pulled from the database and rendered on the fly. The user only ever requests the file index.php, which then decides which other php files to include.

PhpWiki is licensed under the Gnu General Public license (GPL), which you should be able to see here:

More information about PhpWiki can be found at


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