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HammondWiki is a WikiWikiWeb dedicated to the exchange of knowledge regarding HammondOrgans (primarily the ToneWheel models), and related topics.

As this is a WikiWikiWeb, these pages are editable by anyone. (Yes, you could delete the whole thing if you wanted to!) (Please don't.)

At present, HammondWiki is an ongoing experiment. If it ever reaches critical mass, it will probably move to a different (faster) server. Even if it never catches on, at this point I don't plan on abandoning HammondWiki any time soon.

HammondWiki is intended to be a supplement to (rather than a replacement for) the HamTech and TheHammondForum e-mail lists, and the HammondFaq.

For more on my motives, see WhyHammondWiki.

How To Use HammondWiki

(Taken from Wiki:OneMinuteWiki on the original WikiWikiWeb.)

Read: Just like the rest of the web, there's starting to be some useful information here. Poke around and read it. Use FindPage to search for things.

Write: If you have comments, questions or information to add, you probably should. Anyone can edit these pages, that's the point. For details, read about HowToUseWiki and AddingPages. (But please be careful. Others use this site to find important technical information.)

Experiment: Go to the SandBox and have a ball.

You can say hello on RecentVisitors.

See SuggestedTopics for ideas (or to leave ideas) of things to write about.

Create your own personal page (mine is JeffDairiki).


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