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The following write-up was posted by MikeCasino to TheHammondForum:

The Leslie710 is a 90 watt 2 channel solid state bi-amp system. It is intended for use, of course, with two channel organs --- not too exciting yet since most of us are using single channel organs.

Well, lets take a look at what the Leslie 710 and a popular single channel solid state Leslie have in common. I'm going to use a comparison with the Leslie model 760 / 770. The 4 ohm bass speaker, 16 ohm treble driver and horn assembly are the same. The upper and lower fast / slow motors are the same. The 40 watt treble amp and the 50 watt bass amp are also the same. The power supply units are basically the same. They both have a motor control with an electronic brake that engages the slow motor when you go from tremolo to stop mode for 7 to 13 seconds. They both use a 9 pin input plug.

The cabinet for the Leslie 710 is a full height wooden cabinet like the 147, 122, 21H, 770, 251, etc. The only difference is the look of the cabinet louvers and the mounting of the lower motor assembly.

What is missing from the Leslie 710? I'm glad you asked! An electronic crossover, a bass rotor, the spindle and belt are all different sizes. That's all.

See Leslie710Modifications for a discussion of how to remedy these deficiencies.

Connector Pinout

The 710 uses a nine-pin connector

     Pin 1 |
       Signal & Control Ground
     Pin 2 |
       Rotary Channel Input
     Pin 3 |
       No Connection
     Pin 4 |
       Stationary Channel Input
     Pin 5 |
       DC Output (+28 volts)
     Pin 6 |
       Fast Motor Control.
       (Ground this pin (to pin 1) to turn on tremolo motors).
     Pin 7 |
       Slow Motor Control.
       (Ground this pin (to pin 1) to turn on chorale motors).
     Pin 8 |
       AC Power
     Pin 9 |
       AC Power

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