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Barbara Montgomery in Tehachapi, California

We just discovered an old Hammond M 4080 that someone was intendind to give away due to lack of room. It has historical value and we would like to restore it. It does not play but there appears to be no internal damage and only minor water damage to the finish in a small area. I suspect it only needs new tubes or the like. How do we go about restoring the thing. It's a beauty - black. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Hi Barbara.  Welcome!
    I assume you have a model M, and that 4080 is the serial number.  (I had serial number 4748 once.)
    The first thing to do is to make sure you know the proper starting procedure ---
    it's not particularly intuitive.  (It may be working just fine.)  If it's really not starting,
    see ToneGeneratorWontStart for some pointers.   Even if it starts fine, you'll want to get some
    HammondOil (_not_ 3-in-1!) and oil the tone generator.

    (If there are tubes missing, of course you need to replace them.  See WhereToBuyTubes.)

    If you have more questions, fell free to e-mail me, or perhaps
    better still, join one of the Hammond mailing lists (like TheHammondForum) and ask your questions


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