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Oiling the Hammond

People often ask how often they should oil their Hammond, and whether it is possible to over oil it. The ServiceManual states oiling should be performed once a year using HammondOil, which is available from many ?OrganPartsSuppliers. Oiling your Hammond this often will certainly insure that it is thoroughly oiled. It will be so well oiled that anything beneath the organ will be thoroughly oiled as well ... the carpet, your feet, the dog. This convenient built-in over oiling indicator, not mentioned in the ServiceManual, by the way, shows that you can't really over oil the generator; it just drips out the bottom of the generator onto what ever is beneath.

There have been problems reported about over oiled Scanners though, and a scanner cleaning and ScannerRebuild can be quite expensive. According to JerryWelch at the OrganServiceCo, people over oil the scanner by filling its oil cup all the way up when actually only the wick in the cup should be saturated. The scanner oil cup is located between the run motor and the scanner at the far left end of the tone generator.

The main generator is best oiled by putting a couple of teaspoons of oil directly into the two funnels located on top of the generator.


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