David Flater (who is author of xtide, the program I use to produce this data) provides the following disclaimer, behind which I firmly stand:

Do not rely on the output of this program for decisions that can result in harm to anyone or anything. Really. I mean it.

Agencies like NOAA exist because there is a need for certifiably correct tide predictions. Please do not rely on XTide if you need guaranteed results. There is no way I can get certified data on a zero budget. I rely on users like you to tell me when something is wrong. Please continue to do so.

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Tidal Heights at Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, California

Time Zone is PDTUnits are feet
Fri 01 Jul03:04-0.4L09:223.7H14:061.9L20:346.4H
Sat 02 Jul03:53-0.8L10:203.9H15:012.0L21:216.5H
Sun 03 Jul04:40-1.1L11:124.0H15:542.1L22:076.5H
Mon 04 Jul005:26-1.2L12:034.2H16:472.2L22:536.4H
Tue 05 Jul06:11-1.2L12:504.3H17:402.2L23:406.1H
Wed 06 Jul06:54-1.0L13:374.4H18:352.3L
Thu 07 Jul00:265.6H07:36-0.7L14:224.4H19:312.3L
Fri 08 Jul01:145.1H08:17-0.3L15:074.5H20:312.3L
Sat 09 Jul02:044.6H08:580.2L15:534.5H21:412.2L
Sun 10 Jul02:594.0H09:390.7L16:384.6H22:572.0L
Mon 11 JulG04:063.5H10:231.2L17:224.7H
Tue 12 Jul00:081.7L05:263.1H11:071.6L18:044.8H
Wed 13 Jul01:091.3L06:513.0H11:521.9L18:435.0H
Thu 14 Jul02:010.9L08:103.0H12:372.2L19:225.2H
Fri 15 Jul02:460.6L09:113.2H13:232.4L20:005.3H
Sat 16 Jul03:250.2L09:573.4H14:092.5L20:375.5H
Sun 17 Jul04:02-0.1L10:373.5H14:542.5L21:155.7H
Mon 18 Jul04:38-0.4L11:143.7H15:382.5L21:535.8H
Tue 19 Jul@05:14-0.6L11:513.8H16:232.4L22:325.9H
Wed 20 Jul05:51-0.7L12:284.0H17:092.4L23:145.8H
Thu 21 Jul06:29-0.7L13:064.2H18:002.3L23:585.6H
Fri 22 Jul07:06-0.5L13:444.3H18:552.2L
Sat 23 Jul00:475.2H07:45-0.3L14:254.6H19:562.0L
Sun 24 Jul01:414.8H08:250.1L15:084.8H21:081.9L
Mon 25 Jul02:434.2H09:090.6L15:565.0H22:291.5L
Tue 26 JulT04:013.7H09:591.1L16:475.3H23:491.1L
Wed 27 Jul05:313.4H10:551.5L17:415.6H
Thu 28 Jul00:580.5L07:013.4H11:561.9L18:355.8H
Fri 29 Jul02:000.0L08:203.5H12:582.1L19:296.1H
Sat 30 Jul02:53-0.4L09:223.8H13:592.2L20:216.2H
Sun 31 Jul03:41-0.7L10:114.0H14:562.2L21:106.3H

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The data in the above table was generated using the program xtide, written by David Flater.
No guarantees as to the correctness of this data are made or implied.
Do not rely on it to make decisions which can result in harm to anyone or anything.

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