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I am ST, the keeper of the Bose L1 Wiki.

I found your wiki and thought you would enjoy this.

Unearthing the Mysteries of the Leslie Cabinet

by Clifford A. Henricksen Community Light & Sound

First published in Recording Engineer/Producer magazine, April 1981.

    Hey ST - That is a great article, thanks for adding the link.
    As it turns out, there was already
    a page on UnearthingTheMysteriesOfTheLeslieCabinet on this wiki (though there are seemingly very few links to it.)
    Anyhow, I've moved the link to the Bose L1 wiki page to that page.  -- JeffDairiki

    Hey Jeff - Sorry, I should probably have done a search before posting.

    It turns out that the reason that article is on the Bose L1 wiki is - Clifford Henricksen is the inventor of the Bose L1.  -- StBoseWiki

    No problem.  Links, comments and notes are always welcome.   Interesting about Henricksen  he sounds like an inventor from the same
    mold as DonLeslie. -- JeffDairiki


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