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Recommendations from a thread on TheHammondForum:

?WilliamMarkBristow says:

  > I have shipped two different 760's (122 size and weight), one from Colo Spgs
  > to West Texas and one from Portland, OR to West Texas.
  > Yellow Freight has
  > been the best price here.  Everyone else wanted $400 - $500, but Yellow has
  > a dock-to-dock discount of 40 percent - you must ask for it.  The shipping
  > was around $240 or so on the Portland to West Texas.  Door-to-door pickup or
  > door-to-dock does not get the discount - so both parties must be willing to
  > deliver and pick up from the ?nearest dock - freight station.

RickPrevallet says:


  > Terminal to terminal only, ?major cities throughout the country.

?RobertBaker says:

  > The best way seems to be KeyboardCarriage. There are a few caveats:
  > They will only ship from music store to music store, or from music store
  > to one of their warehouses. The other problem is that you would have to
  > wait until one of their trucks is going along that route, usually 3-4
  > weeks.

  > In my situation, I wanted to ship a Leslie 142 from Flagstaff, AZ to one
  > of the Los Angeles suburbs. KeyboardCarriage would do it for $150,
  > which is cheap. They had a warehouse near San Bernardino where I could
  > pick it up. The seller was willing to take it to the local music store
  > in Flagstaff. Unfortunately, the local music store was small, with no
  > room to store something for 3-4 weeks and the guy just could not be
  > convinced to do it, even though I was going to pay him for it. So, in
  > this case, I went and got the Leslie myself.

  > My previous experience was with UPS which charged $450 (ouch!) to ship a
  > Leslie 122 from Washington State to California crated.

  ?ToussaintLouverture adds~:

      > KeyboardCarriage is the same deal as Yellow Freight (dock to dock),
      > I paid $250 from Illinois to Miami Fl. for my 31H.

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