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Several Leslie models (including the 205, 610, 710, 722, ?822, and perhaps others) feature a RotosonicDrum. If it's necessary to take this drum out, perform the following steps~:

  1. Remove the 15" speaker.
  2. Pull out the Mercotac rotating contact on top of the drum shaft.
  3. Loose the srew of the upper bearing assemby and pull it off the shaft. Due to the rubber grommet you need some force.
  4. Loose the four screws of the wood base and take it out. Now you see the top of the RotosonicDrum.
  5. Unplug the loudpeaker connector, remove the belt and pull out the shaft. As mentioned above, the rubber grommets offer some resistance.

Now you can take out the drum and access the lower bearing or the motor very easily. You may vacuum the compartment and remove toys, that your children put in thru the louvres. Installation is easy, if you have maglite with fibre glass extension, that allows you to align the RotosonicDrum with hole of the lower bearing. Grease the shaft with some vaseline, so it will slip in very easily. Perform the upper steps in reverse order to install the drum. Make sure, that the Mercotac is installed right. There's an arrow engraved on its side, showing which is the upper side. Flipping it will result in crackling noise out of the speaker.


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