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Reverse coloured keys to the left of the Manuals.

These keys latch down when you press them. They serve to select the tone of the organ (very roughly the same purpose as a "stop" on a pipe organ.)

The *C* preset key is a _cancel_ key. It release all the presets.

The *C#* through *A* keys are _preset_ presets. The tone of each preset is controlled by the wiring at the PresetPanel in the back of the organ. Usually these are wired in one of two standard schemes --- though they are user customizable.

If you select either of the *A#* or *B* presets then you get to use the appropriate set of Drawbars to adjust the sound. Many players (especially Jazz, Rock and Blues players) use these _adjustable_ presets almost exclusively.

If you select two presets at the same time, you'll be sorry. (Or at least you'll hear all kinds of hum and other raunchy noises coming from your ToneCabinets.)

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