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JimmySmith made several records in the late 50's with a broken B-3. The organ was broken in such a way the the Percussion never decayed. The effect is similar to that of pulling out the 2-2/3' drawbar, but differs in that: it's louder, and that the percussion is not routed through the vibrato channel, even if Vibrato is on.

On some organs, if you balance the percussion on-off switch just in the right place between on and off you can achieve exactly this effect. (Whether this works or not on your organ depends on the order that the contacts in the switch open/close...)

You can also obtain this effect be disconnecting the percussion trigger wire which connects to the "K" terminal of the AO-28. (Obviously, you could wire up a switch to perform this function.)

Naming the Switch

One of the records JimmySmith made with the broken B-3 was Groovin' at Small's Paradise (a great record!), thus ScottHawthorn has dubbed such a switch a ParadiseButton.


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