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  Early sixies A100 W/ 145 Leslie 
 __Jimmy Mak's__ 
- 221 N .W 10th ( at Everett), Portland, OR 97209  
- 503.295.6542 http://www.jimmymaks .com 
- Regular organ Nite is Thurs. Other times check web  
+Sadly, Jimmy Makarounis died of cancer on January 1, 2017 the day after closing what had been the most popular Jazz club in Portland. For twenty years, Jimmy's was where you went on Thursday nights to hear great organ Jazz played by The Mel Brown B-3 Organ Group featuring Louis Pain on Hammond . The Mel Brown Group has moved across the Willamette to play at...  
+__The Jack London Revue__  
+529 SW 4th Ave  
+ Portland, OR 97204  
+http://jacklondonrevue .com/  
+Thursday Nights  
 __The Goodfoot__ 
  2845 SE Stark 
  Portland, OR 

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