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Clubs and bars with a house organ.

In the sixties, I hear, these places were everywhere. Now --- not so much. (See also: DefunctOrganRooms.)

Here, hopefully, will be a list of currently operating organ rooms around the country (or the world).


San Francisco

Boom Boom Room

San Francisco.

The late John Lee Hookers club. Mostly a blues Club, Has a Hammond B3 + Leslie.

Club Deluxe

San Francisco

"Nice house B-3." NickRossi's band plays twice a month.

The Purple Onion

140 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
(Under Café Macaroni)
(415) 956-1653

PeteFallico presents Organ at the Onion. Every Thursday night in February, 2007, and (hopefully) one Thursday a month thereafter.

The Purple Onion is one of the last living remnants of North Beach's Beat/Jazz era. Down in a basement near the foot of Columbus, it is the perfect venue for some of the best live Hammond jazz in San Francisco.



The Acoustic


Plays host to a variety of musical and spoken word entertainment.

Has a Hammond B3 + Leslie.



Has an A-100 and a leslie. Wednesday night is funk night featuring members from the bands Kung Fu and Deep Banana Blackout.


The Chicken Shack (’nuff said...)

86 East Hampton Road
Marlborough, CT

Organ jam every Thursday, great Hammond artists hosting.

1957 B-3, 1961 A-100 Hammond, and Leslie 122.


Roadhouse Blues
3813 N. Broadway
Wichita, KS

Played there once and the organ was a pleasant surprise. There was hardly anyone there, but we had a great time anyway.


The Lily Pad

Inman Square
1353 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA

"Hammond Organ Night every Thursday"... (well, ..., most Thursdays, at least.)


Saint Paul

Artists' Quarter

408 St Peter Street in the basement of the Hamm Building (651) 292-1359.

Great jazz club with a house organ. An organ trio featuring BillyHolloman, DeanGranros (g), and KennyHorst(d) hosted a very popular B3 organ night here for years, until Billy moved on.

Tuesdays: B-3 Organ Night with the Tuesday Night Band ($3). The Tuesday Night Band features “Downtown” BillBrown on Hammond B-3, along with ?BillyFranze on guitar, ?GaryBerg on saxes, and KennyHorst on drums. And you never know who else will drop in and join the party. Personnel changes have not impacted the popularity or virtuosity of this long-standing gig.

Dave's Famous BBQ (in Calhoon square)

Lake and Hennipin, Minneapolis


Other References

New York


Club 600

600 E. North Street, Buffalo, NY. (716) 896-9206

?RonPeterson plays with his trio every Friday night starting at 7:30 or 8:00ish.

New York City


2751 Broadway, between West 105th and West 106th Streets, Manhattan, New York City. (212) 864-6662.

They run a lot of piano jazz but every Tuesday and Wednesday is a "B-3 night" . They've got a resident console that's seen a lot of use. Can't tell if its actually a B-3 or some other Frankenstein"...every player that comes in cracks open the back and adds some sort of outboard device or two.

Other References


Government Camp


88335 E Government Camp Loop
Government Camp, OR 97028

C3 w/ a 122 (I think? Maybe B3 or A100. Maybe a 147. Sorry, I haven't played there since spring 2004)


The Blue Monk

3341 SE Belmont St
Portland, Oregon

Jazz, Blues, Funk.

Early sixies A100 w/ 145 Leslie.

Jimmy Mak's

Sadly, Jimmy Makarounis died of cancer on January 1, 2017 the day after closing what had been the most popular Jazz club in Portland. For twenty years, Jimmy's was where you went on Thursday nights to hear great organ Jazz played by The Mel Brown B-3 Organ Group featuring Louis Pain on Hammond. The Mel Brown Group has moved across the Willamette to play at...

The Jack London Revue

529 SW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Thursday Nights

The Goodfoot

2845 SE Stark
Portland, OR

A different organ modded to a B3 w/ Leslie? (B2 w/ precussion added or something. It didn't always work. Sorry, I haven't been there since spring 2004)


Pete's Place

356 State St in Salem, Oregon

Jazz and Blues. The house organ is a low mileage 1973 B3 with a 122 RV Leslie. (Contact: MarkWeisgram)



Berks County, PA (Reading, PA Area)

The Barto Hotel

Barto Rd; Barto, PA
(610) 845-3551

Open mic every Thursday, 8-12. They have a house C3 with a "weak" 122.

Philadelphia, PA (Center City)

Bob and Barbara's Lounge

15th and South Street's
Philadelphia, PA

Live Organ Trio - Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers - House Band - every Friday and Saturday night, and Open Jam with trio on Monday nights... Fantastic Sounding early B-3 with an even better legendary organist sitting behind it - Howard "CandieMan" Candie. One of the last great organ clubs in Philly... I believe this club will be around for years to come...

Chester County, PA (1/2 hour outside of Philadelphia)


Gay Street, West Chester, PA

Organ Trio Saturday nights with "Papa John" DeFrancesco (yes, that's right, Joey's old man) Playing a "converted to B-3" 1948 House CV... A great show, a great sounding organ. "Papa John" is a hell of a player and a really nice guy! His son John, Jr. plays guitar (and does a great blues show Friday nights)... These guys are locals [as is Joey D, and JimmySmith (Norristown, PA) McDuff (Philly), and "Groove" Holmes (Camden, NJ)... I sure as hell am proud of where I am from!]

Lehigh Valley, PA (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton)

2nd Avenue

Broad and Second Avenue's
Bethlehem, PA

Every other Thursday - Gary Reissmuller Quintet - unbelievable organ player.. This guy (Craig) has moves I have never seen before... Used to tour with Eddie Money some years back... Did a stint in Nashville before blessing us folks in the Lehigh Valley... He is a must see! The best organ player I have seen to date... I stare at him in utter awe!

Rhode Island


Jam Session

200 block of Camp Street. (401) 751-1845.

An organ jam session is hosted by LonnieGasperini most Wednesday evenings from 7 until 9 in the basement of this big yellow house. The jam session is open to the public and there is no charge --- coffee, refreshments provided. (However, please call before showing up to make sure that it's on, and to get directions.) 50-60 people from all walks of life to come hear organ jazz. Horn players, drummers, guitarist, violinists, organists, are all welcomed. There is no alcohol served. People just come to play and have fun. We don't play rock or rap. But anyone is welcomed to come. Blues, Swing, Jazz Standards.... Theres a set of drums. a small guitar amp, and a Hammond C (with trek II percussion added.)

Alberta, Canada


Half Times Bar n Grill

6219 Centre St North, Calgary. 274-2114.

Half Times is a neighbourhood pub, with mostly local musicians. They have a house B3. The Saturday night jam session hosted by BrockGillis.

Kaos Cafe

17th Ave S.W., between 6th and 7th, Calgary.

Kaos has great entertainment with a cover charge. They have a house Hammond, but it only gets used on occasion.

The Shamrock

11th St S.E., about 7 or 8 blocks of 9th Ave, Calgary.

The Shamrock has a B3 jam night on Wednesdays.

Paris, France

Le caveau des oubliettes

52 rue Galande, 75005. Paris France.

Jam sessions on the B3 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00pm until 2:00am --- with ?StefanPatry, Hammond pro and president of the french association "Tribute to Hammond".

Le Duc des Lombards


This bar also has its free access B3 for the local members.

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