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The OldStyleTablePlugin can be used to include tables within a wiki page using the old-style markup syntax for tables.

<?plugin OldStyleTable
<?plugin OldStyleTable
||^  *Name~*                |v *Cost~*   |v *Notes~*
| *First~*     | *Last~*
|> Jeff       |< Dairiki   |^  Cheap   |< Not worth it
|> Marco      |< Polo      | Cheaper   |< Not available

will get you

 *Name*   *Cost*   *Notes* 
 *First*   *Last* 
 Jeff   Dairiki   Cheap   Not worth it 
 Marco   Polo   Cheaper   Not available 


Note that multiple |s lead to spanned columns, and vs can be used to span rows. A > generates a right justified column, < a left justified column and ^ a centered column (which is the default.)

Note that within each table cell, _new-style_ markup is used. You can only use inline markup --- no block level markup is allowed within table cells.

(Using old-style markup wouldn't make much sense, since one can't include multi-line plugin invocations using the old-style markup rules.)

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