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 ! Some places to buy tubes, sockets &c. 
 In no particular order (and implying no particular endorsement) here are some places from which to buy tubes. Most (or all) of these places also stock a good supply of capacitors, sockets and other components typically found in tube equipment which may be hard to find at a "modern" electronics supply house like MouserElectronics or DigiKey. 
+* TubesValves ~ Cape Canaveral Fl. USA  
+;;: http://www.tubesvalves.com/  
 * World Tube Company ~ Tacoma, Washington. USA 
 ;;: http://www.worldtubecompany.com/ 
-* Triode Electronics (NedCarlson). Chicago, IL. 
+* Triode Electronics (NedCarlson). Chicago, IL. (Don't buy on this one, I have been waiting 2 months since I bought 3 transformers and they have sent nothing yet and they don't answer my emails anymore)  
 ;;: http://www.triodeelectronics.com/ 
 * AntiqueElectronicSupply. Tempe, AZ. 
 ;;: http://www.tubesandmore.com/ 

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