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 I used the terminal strip from the back of the tape player to make the plug. (Yes, I removed the tape player aswell.) When Carsten says "The 180 Ohm 5W Resistor may be omitted without any drawback", he means to omit the connection to the pin aswell. If you don't do this, you will cause a short-circuit and both 1.5A fuses will blow. Also, as far as I know, you can omit that black +25V wire. I haven't noticed any problems with it not connected. If you're noticed anything, feel free to put it here. 
 Anyways. Once you do that, remove the unit, and take a circular saw, and cut the couple inches off. BE VERY CAREFUL if you value the finishing on the organ. It's easy to screw up the edges. You also may need to plane off the top, depending on how nasty the cut was, and what cabinet you have. I took the easy way out and painted the exposed wood with black oil-based paint, but I supposed you could put thin strips of vermeer. Next, you can either put the original top back on, or put a thinner piece on. 
-This article will be continued soon. 
+This article will be continued soon..

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