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 You can use the Start and Run Switches to "bend" a note. If you turn off the the Run switch briefly, the synchronous motor starts to slow and the pitch drops. If you hold the switch off too long, the synchronous motor can stall. To "bend" the note up, turn on the Start switch (note that this can chew up the start gearing a little). One of the most famous uses of this technique is at the very end of Santana's _Everything's Coming Our Way_. You can easily hear GreggRolie off-speed the organ at 3:04. The pitch drops as Gregg turns off the RunSwitch to the start motor. This drops the tone generator's speed and drops the pitch. At 3:05 he turns the RunSwitch on and perhaps just a touch of StartSwitch and you'll hear the tone surge slightly over pitch and then drops back into synch right as the song ends. It is not a good idea to hold the Start switch on too long! It is going to heat up the synchronous motor and the start motor. 
 I don't know why you'd want to do this, but it is possible to synchronize the synchronous motor at 600RPM instead of 1200RPM. Sometimes people do this by accident if they flip the Run switch on too early in the start sequence. It makes for some interesting noises from the ToneGenerator... 
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