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 ! 5 FAQ Contributors 
 This FAQ was compiled from correspondence that occurred on the Hammond Mailing List and from sources listed in the Hammond-Leslie FAQ Site Bibliography. Many contributions were made. At least the following people made significant contributions. Anyone that feels they have been wrongly omitted from, (or wrongly accused in), the following list please speak up: 
- 71370.3023@compuserve.com (Tom Tuson
- ap748@freenet.carleton.ca (Mike Sues
- bevis@apg.ph.ucl.ac.uk (Bevis Peters
- blaumills@healey.com.au (Steve Blau
- bobs@hopf.dnai.com (Bob Schleicher
- buzzfret@aol.com (Joe Rut
- bwahler@tiac.net (Bruce Wahler
- cspence@nelson.env.gov.bc.ca (Colin Spence
- dave.amels@sfnet.com (Dave Amels
- davemcnaly@aol.com (Dave McNally
- gacki@sax.sax.de (Malte Rogacki
- genpla@flashnet.it (Marco Montaruli
- goffprof@aol.com (Al Goff
- groove@tiac.net (Gilles Bacon
+ 71370.3023@compuserve.com (TomTuson
+ ap748@freenet.carleton.ca (MikeSues
+ bevis@apg.ph.ucl.ac.uk (BevisPeters
+ blaumills@healey.com.au (SteveBlau
+ bobs@hopf.dnai.com (BobSchleicher
+ buzzfret@aol.com (JoeRut
+ bwahler@tiac.net (BruceWahler
+ cspence@nelson.env.gov.bc.ca (ColinSpence
+ dave.amels@sfnet.com (DaveAmels
+ davemcnaly@aol.com (DaveMcNally
+ gacki@sax.sax.de (MalteRogacki
+ genpla@flashnet.it (MarcoMontaruli
+ goffprof@aol.com (AlGoff
+ groove@tiac.net (GillesBacon
  jjp@mink.mt.att.com (John) 
- jmee@silver.ucs.indiana.edu (Jeffery Mee
- longo@zk3.dec.com (Mark Longo
- pomanti@inforamp.net (Louis Pomanti
- potomactom@aol.com (Tom Dercola
+ jmee@silver.ucs.indiana.edu (JefferyMee
+ longo@zk3.dec.com (MarkLongo
+ pomanti@inforamp.net (LouisPomanti
+ potomactom@aol.com (TomDercola
  random@well.com (Ben "Jacobs") 
- russ@seismo.demon.co.uk (Russ Evans
- salazz@aol.com (Sal Azz
- slimtwo@aol.com (Chuck Cordier
- tthompsn@mail.bcpl.lib.md.us (Ted Thompson
- u31385@uic.edu (Allen Sears
- wfrb@miworld1.miworld.net (Robert May
- John.Fisher@m.cc.utah.edu (John Fisher
+ russ@seismo.demon.co.uk (RussEvans
+ salazz@aol.com (SalAzz
+ slimtwo@aol.com (ChuckCordier
+ tthompsn@mail.bcpl.lib.md.us (TedThompson
+ u31385@uic.edu (AllenSears
+ wfrb@miworld1.miworld.net (RobertMay
+ John.Fisher@m.cc.utah.edu (JohnFisher

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