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March 26, 2019

Von Colborn, Sandy, Utah, 1960 A100, 21H Leslie, Using the technical info to service and repair my equipment

October 2018

Joe Carroll from Madison, WI was here- Jeff Simpson is the best!!!, great guy, extremely helpful to me!!!

August 2018

  1. Christian from Graz, Austria - what a wealth of info and repair hints! Thank you all so much!!

January 2016

  1. Jon and Kim from North Bay, California. This site is a great find. Just happened to have an A-100 handed to us today. Super excited. So far the Tone Generator seems to be pretty gummed up. Hopefully, with a little oil and some elbow cleaning grease, we will be up and running soon. Leslie will be next. I have searched for tips on repairs, cleaning, etc. and I keep bumping into this wiki. Awesome.

(I've re-organized this page. Now it's reverse sorted by month. If today's month is not listed, add it at the top of the list. -- JeffDairiki)

December 2015

  1. Hi! Michel from Longueuil (Quebec). I own a 1963 A-122 with a Leslie. I try to practice every day!

December 2013

  1. Great idea to make this site a wiki so that anyone can contribute. I have just stumbled upon a project, a Leslie 760 that need some caring. I found the information here really useful. Anders Lundkvist, Piteå, Sweden.

March 2013

  1. Greate site, good informations. Thank you. Janis Merle, 20.03.2013 Germany

November 2012

  1. Just found this awesome wiki. I played a portable Gibson/Lowery organ back in the 60's and 70,s, but quit when I went to college (Big Mistake!). Now I am semi-retired so I bought the Hammond I always wanted...well almost. Instead of a B3, I bought a XK-3c with the XK-L and full pedal board, due to portability. I also have the Leslie 3300 to play through. Have been trying to figure the keyboard technology out for 2 years and progress is very slow. The manual is not very clear, nor is the instrument real intuitive. Also, there is no one in my geographical area to teach anything organ-related, technique or technology. That is why I am glad to find this wiki. While I am sure it will not make my left hand move well independently of my right, there seem to be some great information here. thanks to Jeff Dairiki and all contributors. -- Jeff Junck ( 11/11/2012 Mountain Home, Arkansas.

June 2012

  1. Awesome find this wiki. I just acquired a 'free' A102 that's been sitting for over two decades and she needs a lot of love right now... This site will certainly make the journey less perilous. Many, many thanks... -- Todd Wilson (portland or)

May 2012

  1. This will be a valuable resource for my first attempt at restoring a C-2. No Leslie, though :-( -- Rich Gabrielson

February 2012

  1. Thank you so much for all invaluable help here! Let's see, so far I've fixed a 60-cycle hum and percussion issues on my '59 B3 with what I've found here. I'm also planning on hooking up a main/ensemble switch running a tone cabinet and 145. Thank you, thank you!! — ?DavidStarchman

    BTW, for those looking for percussion issues, unsolder the white wire already and measure the resistance!

October 2011

  1. Matthew Davies UK. Excellent site find it interesting in my career as a professional wedding pianist
  2. Daniel Dempsey in Hollywood, CA. Used the site for years to keep my Hammonds running smoothly. Thanks for such a great reference!

January 2011

  1. Hi from Allen from Australia. Great site and very nicely done. Many thanks for your advice.

June 2009

  1. June 29: Mark. Awesome. Lots of information I hope to join the Hammond club soon when I have more money!

April 2009

  1. Apr 24: DanDillon. Very cool site. Too bad the internet hadn't been invented yet back in the 80's . . .
  2. Apr 02: It's BrianEastburn!!! Remember me? It's been awhile, but I am back! I am looking for an Optigan... Anybody have any leads on one???

May 2008

  1. May 2: Thanks to everybody for contributing and maintaining this site. Lot's of great information for newbies like me. --Evan DeJesus, Rochester, Minnesota
  2. May 10: I found your wiki and thought you would enjoy this. Unearthing the Mysteries of the Leslie Cabinet by Clifford A. Henricksen. Community Light & Sound. First published in Recording Engineer/Producer magazine, April 1981. -- StBoseWiki

April 2008

  1. April 8: Haha !! Hello Göran ! Funny place to find an "Alingsaucer" !! It seems your home is less than a 800 meters from my place... It´s a small world.. / Mats Anderson, Alingsås, Sweden ( C-3 & 145 )

January 2008

  1. Looking to buy an old M-100, figured i would check out the ol' wiki before.
  2. Göran Antonsson from Alingsas, Sweden was here (with a ?B-300.)

November 2007

  1. Just picked up an A-100 -- your info on transporting and modifications has been really helpful. --VincentVoelz

July 2007

  1. Thanks for all the help guys great page with loads of info! --Michael Lewis

March 2007

  1. Hi Jeff Thanks for your help.Very good site for Hammondorganplayers
    -Patrice de Faccio (Bordeaux,France)

October 2006

  1. Goetz Ahlert, Hamburg, Germany. I'm restoring an 1959 Hammond A100 and I appreciate any experience from other Hammond users. Hammond Wiki is a great help to get in contact.

September, 2006

  1. Dave Palmquist - I'm book marking this page!

June, 2006

  1. Brian Eastburn is returning to the Philadelphia Area - Look out!!! Great thing you are doing here Jeff... Maybe we'll meet someday... ~ BrianEastburn MissPennsyltucky
  2. Hi there! Just have looked through the stuff writtent here. Good job Jeff! Kinda fun to hang out here! Wanna meet me? Look here! I'll be glad to talk to you. ~Dave

May, 2006

  1. I have a 58 Hammond I got from a church too. Just wondering if anyone has nay ideas for bneefing it up?----Don Eads, Hawaii

September 2005

  1. Wow. Very much too cool. Your tide info is better and easier to use than NOAA! Also, thanks for the intro to Wiki. -- Mike Greene

May 2005

  1. Hello, thanks for the wiki! --LarsOlson

October 2004

  1. Hey! Thanks for this cool site for info. I bought a 1958 M3 off e-bay. Perfect condition. Well maintained organ from a defunct church. It was in a small town church for 46 years. I am looking to add a effects loop. To try various tone cabinet modelers and modulators out there...(POD, ?RotoVibe, Uni-Vibe) I play guitar in a band and dabble in keys. Any help from various people here to help me figure out a effects loop for the Ao-29-G EM speaker amplifier would be appreciated. Add a note here or leave message at yahoo groups hammondzone.

September 2004

  1. Wow! I can't be first but I can be next! This is a great place. I bought a 1955 M3 a couple of weeks ago (cheap!) just becase I've always wanted a Hammond. That sound! Being a tinker at heart I built the line out box that's posted here and it works great. You should hear a little "M" just slightly overdriving a 1964 Fender Twin reverb Amp loaded with JBL E120s! I plan to add foldback to the upper manual (just won the pieces on ebay) and clean out the "growth" (rebuild) in the vibro scanner. All of these "organ" terms I didn't even know existed a couple of weeks ago. Because of your excellent site I can do all of this myself. Thanks very much for the education. NEXT STEP, Leslie and a console model! Lubricate your organ! I laughed the first time I read that!

August 2004

  1. Ben Patron/Cherie Woodward - Cool, CA: Back again. The TG is spinning freely. Thanks again to the great content found in the fab HammondWiki. Now looking for the in-depth in the synch motor.

June 2004

  1. Tony ( Interesting site.
  2. Ivan Georgiev ( I am just curious about Hammonds.
  3. Greetings from New Jersey - ThomasLaresch. I added a page about ChordOrgans.
  4. Ben Patron/Cherie Woodward - Cool, CA: Just bought a fine A-102 at a garage sale. The Tone Generator was gummed up. With a little luck and your fine page on the TG, we'll have our organ up and running in just a bit - and now we won't use BraKleen on it to un-gum it! Fantastic info -- thanks, Jeff!

May 2004

  1. peter nice job and i'm a fan of Hammond
  2. Hi, from Turin (Italy). PaulBranco

April 2004

  1. There's nothing like the sound of an old Hammond. Some folks put a lot of work into making todays digital keyboards recapture that sound. The Wintonbury Coffeehouse

March 2004

  1. BarbaraMontgomery in Tehachapi, California

February 2004

  1. RobinMillette, I found your site searching for my own wiki, lesles and letting Google correct my spelling ;)
  2. ciao from bella italia Bürobedarf

January 2004

  1. ?Bernhard
  2. RedBit
  3. Just found this very nice site; it's got tons of good information!
    Gerhard Bresoski (b3'at' B3 147

June 2003

  1. Dave G.( Velly interesting site
  2. Glad I found this site. Started with Hammond in Ottawa 1957 and remained in the business until 1981.

February 2003

  1. A wonderful dynamic resource for Hammond people everywhere. -- Syntexis
  2. ?Michael ( Nice Site! Its great that people put these resources out for everyone! Blast from the past.

January 2003

  1. Jocelyn 'Joce' from Montréal: Nice website, I did the bypass for the percussion improvement on my A100. The organ sound better, more 'growl'. A Gift for all of us, try this amazing 'jazzy fat vintage B3 sound': 866222227, C3 On-Off, perc: ON, NORMAL, FAST, THIRD & SECOND ALTERNATED IF YOU WANT (with internal modification of perc. explained on this site) Nice sound. Great bass line on the swell !

December 2002

  1. Matthias Drehkopf ( from Germany was here. I think the Hammond heart is beating a lot in the US. Whats about Europe ? Anyway .. excellent site ! By the way I run a B3 and a 147 Leslie.

October 2002

  1. Mark Dilley, I love wikis and I have admired yours for a while. Was wondering if you were interested in putting a TourBusStop up at this wiki. (MeatBall:TourBusStop) best, Mark

    Thanks for the prod, Mark. I've started the ball rolling... --Jeff

Sept 2002

  1. Paul Peters ( ) Thank you for this great service Jeff. I'm sure this page was a lot of work. Mucho gracio.
  2. Vinicius Cubas Brand, from Brazil. Nice site
  3. fREW Panisk I really like wikis and this one looks fairly nice too me.

July 2002

  1. Dennis Dyer ( ) stopped by here, this is good site.... I'm running a 1963 Hammond A-102 and a 1974 Leslie251 in my recording studio...... reliving my old rock band days from the 60s and early 70s (anybody remember the Wild Cherries?) I modified a 6147 connector kit to use on the 251 and still maintain the reverb from the Hammond. I also have a excellent Leslie model 47 sitting here trying to decide what to do with it, maybe find a combo pre-amp for it.
  2. Alex Sachetti was here...

June 2002

  1. Steve Cyr: Good site with lots of valuable info! I have a Model A (In an A100 case), a Leslie 55C rebuilt into a 122/147 (sort of), and I'm picking up an M2 tomorrow. I also run NI B4 in the church worship band.

April 2002

  1. Steve Anton ( Great site. Let it be inspiring for those other site builders. PEACE THRU MUSIC m101a, m2, cut m2, m3, cv

March 2002

  1. LindaDachtyl ( Hi. A very informative site. I was happy to see my name here and thanks to whoever did that! I added a link to my page and one for HankMarr from Pete Fallico's Doodlin' Lounge page.
  2. Dave Winslow (, son of Alvah Winslow. Love to hear from anyone who knew my dad.

February 2002

  1. Wallace "jupiter" McNary was here. Great site, we needed a hammond listing on the web. Like to see all of the different models on the hammond other than was illustrated, thanks.

January 2002

  1. Bennie Veldman from The Netherlands was here. Great site! Keep up the good work!

November 2001

  1. Mike Sellers ( Great site! Lost myself for hours in it, supporting my 'Hammadness.' Me, an old rock n roller keeping my "A" exercised often. No longer gigging with it, she's retired to my living room. Thanks to all of you that help to "keep the old girls going!"

October 2001

  1. LonnieGasperini ( Its always great to see a site dedicated to the hammond organ, where we can all share info on the many topics presented here. Keep the hammond vibe going, and don't forget to take your vitamin B3 daily for a soulful healthy mind and spirit! Lonnie
  2. AlWeisman

July 2001

  1. Bob Horn Fantastic sight! Highly recommend to organ/keyboard players!!!!!!!
  2. ?SpillerAnderson, Suffolk, Va. - Excellent site and content. Collect hammonds as a hobby. Have an extra organ, leslie you name it. Email me (
  3. CarlGreeson - nice site -- like to share some experience with some of the new guys -- 38 yr experience

June 2001

  1. Chris Garrod cannot carry a tune on a player piano
  2. Casey McClinton, another great Hammond site.

May 2001

  1. Umberto Callegarin - Italy - Useful site, thanks indeed

April 2001

  1. Organ Morgan
  2. PatNatale -- WONDERFUL SITE!

March 2001

  1. WaynePrue from

February 2001

  1. SunirShah
  2. Jay Ricketts (THANKS JEFF!)

November 2000

  1. Karl Fischer
  2. Eric Tucker

July 2000

  1. DonErickson

June 2000

  1. JeffDairiki was here.
  2. Jerry Uecker found this place!
  3. SteveWainstead
  4. CliffordAdams
  5. JeffSimpson

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