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  higher than that to which it was previously connected, will result in substantially 
  doubling the intensity of the tone produced. 
 See HammondPatents. 
+A geometric series is a sequence of numbers where each term after the first is found by multiplying the previous number by a fixed number called the common ratio. In this case, the fixed number is the square root of 2 which is approximately 1.414124... So for each position on each drawbar, moving one number up connects that busbar to the next higher tap on the matching transformer, doubling the volume of that tone. Moving one number down halves the volume. Photographers might recognize the input turns follow the standard f-stop sequence (6 being the nearest whole number to f/5.6).  
 The patent further states that there is a 477 to 1 turns ratio between the primary taps and the secondary. This lifts the voltage produced by the tone generators. 

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