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(From a post by MikeFulk on TheHammondForum.)

To run a signal output into any HammondToneCabinet (in a quick-down-'n-dirty-but-it-works-and-is-harmless-way):

  1. Connect two 200 ohm 1/4 watt, (higher wattage is OK), resistors in series.
  2. Connect hot and ground of your signal output to either end of these "series-ed" resistors. (Do not connect ground of your device to tone cabinet ground.)
  3. Connect these two ends of series-ed resistors with signal of your device connected to them to the G-G inputs (pins 1 and 6) of ToneCabinet.
  4. Where the resistors in series meet, make a connection from there to tone cabinet ground (pin 2.)
  5. The signal stength should be pretty high --- loudspeaker level or a little lower, and the lower the impedance of the source, the better.
  6. Tried and true, and, incidentally, the way the Hammond Company reccommended hooking up a Solovox to a Hammond Tone Cabinet in 1941.


PS: If you're tapping off a speaker output and you disconnect whatever speaker you're tapping off of, dont forget to "replace" it with a properly rated resistor.


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