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 As for the relay, Omron P/N LY1F-DC24 or Potter & Brumfield P/N K10P-11DT5-24 will work. (As will many, many others.) 
 Note: These component values vary from the ones shown in the [version | http://tonewheel.com/Schematics/adapter.zip] of this circuit on Bob's [website | http://tonewheel.com]. That version shows the 56k ohm resistors as 2.2M, and the 1M as a 56k. That's a slight different application, though (voltages are different.) 
+Also note: where the above diagram says "+25v from 6550 cathode", really it should say "+25v from 25v filter capacitor".  
+(I.e. if your amp is wired for 147-style cathode biasing, you  
+want to tap the 25v from the center-tap of the output transformer, not one of the 6550 cathodes.)  

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