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 !!!6-pin Leslie Pinouts 
- Hammond-type Leslie Models - Includes: 30A, 30C, 31A, 31H, 21H, 22H, 22R, [122|Leslie122], 
+ Hammond-type Leslie Models - Includes: 30A, 30C, 31A, [ 31H|Leslie31H] , 21H, 22H, 22R, [122|Leslie122], 
  122R, 122V, 122RV, 142, 142A, 222, 222RV, 242, 122A-T and current 122A. 
  (Early "30" series models below serial number 5200 have no provision to isolate DC control 
  voltages and can not be used with 6H-type hookups unless their power amps are upgraded to 
  later specs.) 

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