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 The controller is designed to provide 2 speed plus stop capability for 22H and 47 single motor/single speed leslies. In addition, it provides compatible replacement circuitry for the speed change logic in the amplifier. PWM control of the motors results in a more accurate speed adjustment and results in the motors running much cooler in the slow speed mode. 
 As of late August 2008, the originating inventor passed away. This product might not be available unless someone takes on the business. A future update is possible. 
-*Update*: [Benton Electronics Inc.|BentonElectronics] is in the process of re-developing this product. Using the same circuit but with our own re-written code. Stay tuned and check our site bentonelectronics.com for updates
+*Update*: [Benton Electronics Inc.|BentonElectronics] has re-developed this product. Using the same circuit but with our own re-written code. Check out our site http://www. bentonelectronics.com/MTCLogic.html for more info
 !!! 3) Can be Used on Either Type of Leslie Family 

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