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 Another alternative: SalAzz make a driver mounting plate which will mount any 1 3/8" x 18 threaded driver into most Leslie models (using the old style spindle plate.) 
+__More Info on Ferro Fluid Driver__ JohnMihevic  
+I thought the first versions of the ferro-fluid driver had a treble response that was too brilliant and piercing. The latest version is much improved with a more omnidirectional pleasing sound that is still a little brighter the Jensen V-21. Hammond-Suzuki has achieved this by installing a conical diffuser over the diaphragm. The diffuser cone has holes drilled in the periphery for the sound to travel to the rotating treble horn. The result is a very pleasant tremolo or direct treble if the motor is off. The percussion is outstanding with a crisp clean bite. Hammond-Suzuki finally got it right this time.  
 ! Atlas PD-60 Tips 
 James Skinner makes adapter plates to mount an Atlas PD-60 directly onto a stock Leslie. I own one, and it is very well made. You can usually find his stuff on ebay. 

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