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-The lower bearing might be a ''[ NTN # 6200 LB|http://www.ntnamerica.com/products/datasheet.asp?CO_PARTNOSEARCHTYPE=EXACT&CO_PARTNO=6200lb&MANUFACTURER=NTN&CL_PARTNO=6200LB&BEARINGCATEGORY=RBSRD]'' (Also: ''Fafnir 200PP'' )  
- (McMasterCarr 5972K41 ? ) (10mm bore, 30mm diameter, 9mm thick, two seals). 
+The Leslie lower bearing used to be NTN 6200- LB at least on many two-speed Leslie models (for example, 122, 142, 147, 251 ) and possibly also on earlier single-speed equivalents (for example, 21H, 22H, 44W, 45, 51 ). It has 10 mm bore, 30 mm diameter, 9 mm thick and non-rubbing rubber seals. The original bearing is no longer available from NTN.  
+As replacements , types 6200-Z or 6200-2Z (for example from SKF) will work, also on a Tallboy models (31A, 31H, 31W). The Z models have non-rubbing steel shields. Model 6200-2RS has rubbing rubber seals, which sometimes causes too much friction, especially when a motor controller (to convert single speed Leslie to dual speed ) is used. Someone had also previously mentioned McMasterCarr 5972K41 as a working replacement, which is of type 6200-2RS
 The lower rotor bearing should include a 5/16 washer in between the wooden rotor and the bearing. 
-The upper bearing: ''MRC 35FF'' (5mm bore, 19mm diameter, 6mm thick, two shields). 
+The upper bearing used to be ''MRC 35FF'' (5 mm bore, 19 mm diameter, 6 mm thick, two shields). SKF 635-2Z is equivalent. Again, you want to get one with metal seals!  
 On a [Leslie710], you can replace both bearings with ball bearings from FAG. Type 6200.2RSR. Ball bearings are standardized industry parts, so a second source type is no problem at all. 
 - Steffan Diedrichsen - 

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