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 This was the first Leslie built for use with Hammond organs. Often called the "Tall Boy", 
 the case resembled a Grandfather clock, or the coffin from which Boris Karloff would soon appear. 
 Also it featured at least 3 different amps, all similar in appearance, 
 but early ones used a toggle switch for fast/off, latter ones had a hook up like the 122. 
-Legend has it that these were DonLeslie's favorite s , but ,hey,what did He know?  
+Legend has it that these were DonLeslie's favorite though the 31H isn't widely coveted. They are noted to mate exceptionally well with earlier consoles previous to the introduction of bass foldback in the low octave. The forgotten quad 6L6 output section , Jensen V-21&F15LL drivers , all packed into a large open bottom cabinet really help identify the 31H as a standout unique performer.  
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  Tube 30 watt 
- Bass: 15" - 16 ohm Electro Dynamic; Treble Driver: [ Jensen U -21] , 3/4" Throat 
+ Bass: 15" - 16 ohm Electro Dynamic; Treble Driver: Jensen V -21, 3/4" Throat 
  P/N 522-045468, 
  P/N 522-011700 

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