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+Born: June 9, 1941, Leicester, United Kingdom  
+Died: July 16, 2012, London, United Kingdom  
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 !Jon Lord's Style 
 Hammond organs were at first mostly used by Blues and Jazz players --- 
 Hammond gods like JimmySmith, JimmyMcGriff, and Popular artists (e.g. LennyDee). Jon Lord employed the "hard rock" style on the Hammond, and he often used tube distortion and overdrive through regular speakers, as opposed to the Leslie. He was also known for playing heavy and fast keyboard riffs, in the same way that Blackmore would on his guitar. The best example of this is the song "Fireball," where he used thrash metal-like riffs, and he used a Maestro RM-1A ring modulator in the solo. He was also the first to play a Hammond through a (Marshall) guitar amp. 

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