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Hammond Organ Starting Procedure

The following instructions apply to all Hammond ToneWheel organs which have both start and run switches. (Some of the later ToneWheel organs had just a single run switch. If that's what you've got, I trust you can figure out how to turn it on all by yourself.)

  1. Hold the start switch on for eight seconds. If you're in a quiet room, you should be able to hear the ToneGenerator spinning up.
  2. While continuing to hold the start switch on, turn the run switch on.
  3. Continue holding the start switch on for four more seconds. (The run switch should stay on by itself.)
  4. Let go of the start switch. It should spring to the off position. With the start motor off, things should get much quieter.

Your ToneGenerator should now be running. You'll have to wait a little while longer for the tubes to warm up before you'll get any sound out of the organ.

Why is this so complicated? See SynchronousMotor.

Still won't start? See ToneGeneratorWontStart.

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