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 Make sure you clearly mark where the red & blue wires go. Do not use a magic marker that washes off when you thouroughly clean the scanner assembly. 
 !External References 
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 [RaulDeJalapeņo] has written a page about scanner repair which includes lots of pictures: 
 ;: http://www.hammond-tech.com/vibscanref.htm 
 (This link appears to be dead ~~JimCook) 
-Here is an extracted text version of the scanned pages linked above (may be a bit clearer to read):  
-;: http://www.bentonelectronics.com/vibrato.html  
+The following is a very detailed set of instructions and photos that are extremely useful while doing your first [Scanner] rebuild:  
+;: http://avintagesound.com/REBUILDYOURVIBRATOSCANNER.aspx  
+Here is another set of notes, based on a Hammond service note:  
+;: http://www.bentonelectronics.com/vibrato.html  

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