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This article explains how to rebuild the drum-type vibrato scanners. These are the type found on such organs as the T series, and are mounted parallel to the motor on a chassis. They are run by a belt from the end of the motor opposite the tone generator axle. (For information on the non-belt-driven scanners used in B/C/M-3's and the other older Hammonds, see HowToRebuildTheVibratoScanner.)

Often, the belt can stiffen at the curved ends and cause the scanner not to turn. The organ will still work, but the vibrato will simply not sound when you press the tabs. You can replace the belt with a simple rubber band or a similar-sized belt from your local hardware or power equipment store.

You may want to get hold of either a right-angle ratchet attachment or a hand-ratchet to fit in those tight spaces.

To remove the scanner, you must first remove the belt, which can be slipped off. Next, unscrew the ground cable from the right (non-belt) side of the scanner. Mark where it connects to on the chassis and the scanner. Put the screw back into the scanner.

Next, unscrew the four screws on each corner that are holding the scanner to the chassis. Remove the round wire harness if it is there. Remove the rubber o-rings and the bolts, but leave the metal axles there.


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