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 # Now, from the front you should be able to lift front side of the upper manual. Have some small wood blocks handy to prop the manual up with. 
 __Lower Manual__ 
-# Remove music desk base. 
+# Remove music desk base (4 screws and washers .)  
 # Remove all four of the big hex-head bolts. 
 # Remove two screws which connect the front of the lower manual to the middle of the front rail of the case. (Some A-1xx's (A-102's ?) have additional little clippys which secure the lower manual to the front rail --- for these just loosen the screws enough so that you can swivel the clips out of the way.) 
 # Pull the drawbars out (to 8). 
 # Make sure you've got something between the manuals and the case to protect the case from scratches (see above warning). 
 # Now you should be able to lift the manuals from the front. 
 Also see HowToRemoveTheManuals. 

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