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 1953 2,626,325** Hammond, Stephens Pedal clavier switch mechanism. 
 1953 2,645,968 Hanert Electrical Musical Instrument (Tube organ). 
 1953 2,646,468* Hanert Ear response compensated volume control apparatus. 
 1954 2,681,585 Hanert Elec. Musical Inst. Producing Chorus Effects (Tube chorus). 
+1954 2,691,318 Hanert Electrical Musical Instrument (Seven oscillator organ).  
 1957 2,790,906 Hammond Electronic oscillator (Adjacent notes share oscillator). 
 1958 2,828,659 Hanert Electrical musical instruments {Percussion circuit). 
 1958 2,835,876 Hammond Adjustable inductance (Adjustable inductors for tuning). 
 1958 2,845,831 Hammond Keyboard & Switching for E.M.I. (Chord organ buttons). 

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