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+I did this today, super easy although my yellow wire was in front, I did not have the cap to gnd. I first cut the car and used clips to test the new cap, worked fine  
+So I soldered it in. Then, on the RT of the lower manual, I replaced the wood panel with a scrap piece of wood the same size, drilled out a few holes and have a zoom mt100 pedals there.  
+I use it for reverb, chorus, detune, flander, delay, echo, etc. I Have this now running into a zoom g3x used only as a preamp, into a carvin dCM 200l, then into a JBL e120. It is very sweet. I am getting a SMS classic preamp which I expect to make this sound even better. Now, I just need to replace my electro caps because the noise still comes through the line out, but then again with the SMS I may just take out the amp. So if anyone can help me find out have to Do This I'd appreciate it. Oh, my M3 is a 1960.  

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