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 The Duet Sixteen preset kit was manufactured by the [Electro Tone Corporation] in the 1960s as an after-market add-on for Hammond M-2 and M-3 spinet organs. The Duet Sixteen was not suitable for Hammond M organs, but could be fitted to M-100 series and L-100 series, even though these models already had Hammond factory presets. For Hammond M organs, [Electro Tone Corporation] manufactured the [Electro Tone Mark II] preset kit, as well as manufacturing the [Electro Tone OrganMate] reverb kit for any Hammond organ requiring reverb and the [Electro Tone PER 200] percussion kit. 
-* Cable* * Identification* * on* * the* * Electro* * Tone* * Duet* * Sixteen* * Rotary* * Switch*  
+! Cable Identification on the Electro Tone Duet Sixteen Rotary Switch 
 Cable #1 (Upper Drawbars) 
  * 9 wires (brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white) 

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