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 A real B-3 & Leslie would be cool to have but impossible for the old fart buy let alone to carry around to weekend jobs. Some of the new Hammond single manual units are also attractive but Dan isn't made out of money so he's been eyeing up the new Leslie model 3300 instead. His Native Instruments B4 II software would sound really good running through that new Leslie 3300 he surmises. 
 He could (and would) simply build another Leslie from scratch if he could find all of the rotor parts for a reasonable price. The new units have servo motors and controllers for the rotor motors which is an elegant solution to the old problems associated with the dual motor and switching relay setup from "ye olden times". None of that incessant popping when switching speeds, no burnt out switch or relay contacts, no rubber drive wheel wear. 
-His credit card warms and caresses his musical G-spot every time he looks at a new Leslie 3300 at Sweetwater or Musicians Friend, or Goff, or wherever. He drools, and spittle spews forth out of his mouth when he thinks about it, but his sense of responsibility keeps getting in the way. Maybe this web site will curb his appetite for a real tonewheel organ and Leslie. . . Nah.  

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