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 I've done this on my C-3 (and it was worth it). The procedure is roughly similar to that for the manuals. The following notes are from memory, and so are a bit sketchy and may not be 100% correct --- sorry, feel free to make corrections or additions. 
 How to get to the pedal busbars: 
-* Remove the pedal clavier
+* Remove the PedalClavier
 * Get a couple of blocks (4" by 4" by 18" or so, I think would work well) and use them to jack the organ up off the ground. (Jack the organ up 4" not 18" :-) (I guess you'll need four blocks for a B-3.) 
 * Remove the screws and little plate which hold the pedal wiring tube to the [TG] shelf. 
 * Remove the screw which attaches the swell pedal linkage to the swell pedal. (You may want to remove the swell pedal linkage altogether, just to get it out of the way.) 
 * Remove the four screws (one is a hex-head) which secure the wood cover plate to the pedal switches. 

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