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 *Feelin' So Bad - Butts Band (1975), B3 by Alex Richman 
 *Fire - Arthur Brown (1968), Vincent Crane on Hammond 
 *Fire - Pointer Sisters (1978), Organ by Dave "Baby" Paich 
 *Fireball - Deep Purple (1971), Jon Lord on C3 
+*Firefly - Rick Droit (2012), Mark Hallman on B3  
 *Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller Band (1976), B3 by Joachim Young 
 *Flute Thing - The Blues Project (1966), Al Kooper on Hammond 
 *Foot Stompin' Music - Grand Funk Railroad (1971), Hammond by Mark Farner 
 *Foreplay/Long Time - Boston (1976), M3 by Tom Scholz 
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 *Nothing to Lose - U.K. (1979), Eddie Jobson on Hammond 
 *Our Day Will Come - Ruby & The Romantics (1963). Leroy Glover on the "shimmering" Hammond with guitarist Kenny Burrell, frequent collaborator with JimmySmith 
 *Outa Space - Billy Preston (1972), B3 (and some impressive Clavinet) by BillyPreston 
 *Oye Coma Va - Santana (1970), B3 by Gregg Rolie 
+*Paul B. Allen, Omaha, Nebraska - Buddy Miles (Them Changes 1970) Michael Andre Lewis on B3  
 *Point of Know Return - Kansas (1977), C3 by Steve Walsh 
 *Refugee - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (1980), Organ by Benmont Tench 
 *Repent Walpurgis - Procol Harum (1967), M102 by MatthewFisher 
 *Roll With The Changes - REO Speedwagon (1978), B3 by Neal Doughty 
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 *Take Care of Illusion - Frumpy (1971), B3 by Jean-Jacques Kravetz 
 *Tarkus - Emerson, Lake and Palmer (1970), C3 and L100 by Keith Emerson 
 *Tend My Garden - James Gang (1970), Organ by Jim Fox 
 *That's Life - Frank Sinatra (1966), B3 by Michel Rubini 
-*Theme from Mr. Lucky - Henry Mancini (1959), Organ by Buddy Cole  
+*Theme from Mr. Lucky - Henry Mancini (1959), Organ by Bobby Hammack  
 *Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - the Casinos (1967), (Leslie,B3/C3) 
 *The Sermon - JimmySmith (1958) 
 *Tico Tico No Fuba - EthelSmith (1944) (For a movie clip of Ethel rippin' a Model B on this tune see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEr-AKJr-LI Check out how she uses the presets!) 
 *Time of the Season - The Zombies (1968), B3 by Rod Argent 

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