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  MikeFulk and others have warned that these instructions are not correct or complete. 
  <br> *Do not use these instructions without understanding completely what it is that you are doing!* 
+ MikeFulk is correct. This is missing two important steps:  
+# Replace the power transformer with one from a PM AO-29  
+# Replace the output transformer with one from a PM AO-29  
+The field-coil version of the AO-29 uses a 380V power transformer, whereas the permanent-magnet version uses a 320V power transformer. If you follow the steps below, all the voltages throughout the amplifier will be too high, and something will fry.  
 > First, get a copy of the M3 ServiceManual. The parts diagram is essential 
 > (unless you are really good at reading schematics). You are basically 

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