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The obvious place to get Leslie parts is from your favorite, friendly HammondTechnician.

Interestingly, AntiqueElectronicSupply has added select Leslie parts and hardware to their 2003 catalog.

The fast motor O-ring (which the slow motor drives against) is AS-568 size 334. You can obtain them from many industrial parts houses. Typically the part number will be OR-334. (McMasterCarr 9452K54 ?)

The rubber grommet used to mount the lower rotor bearing brackets is 5/16" ID, 1" OD", (MS 35489 No.10) (AN 931 No.5-12) (McMasterCarr 9307K77).

    A   B   C   D   E    
    5/16"   1"   5/16"   1/16"   3/4"    


Parts and retro style HalfMoonSwitches are being manufactured and sold by HalfmoonElectronics. (Also note that HammondSuzuki now makes a new HalfMoonSwitch.)

HalfmoonElectronics also carry hard to find parts such as output transformers.

ValhallaWoodworking makes reproduction cabinets and replacement wood parts for Leslies (and Hammonds).

Also see LeslieBearings and Category:PartsSources.

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