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Filters for eliminating harmonics from the generated tones are located on the top of the main ToneGenerator, and consist of resistance wire shunts, filter reactors or capacitor and reactor filters (See MagnetAndCoil).

From frequency 43 and lower, each pickup coil is shunted by a length of resistance wire wrapped around the pickup coil. From frequency 44 through 48, each pickup coil is connected to a filter reactor which is grounded at one end and connected to the pickup coil at the other. From frequency 49 through 54, the filter reactor is connected to the pickup coil through a 0.255 mf FilterCapacitor. This forms a series resonant circuit for the fundamental frequency of that pickup coil. The capacitors for frequencies 55 through 91 are 0.105 mf.

The tone generator filters are mounted on top of the generator at an angle to minimize reaction between them. Wires connect the filters to the coil assemblies and to the terminal strip on the generator. In the most popular Hammonds, ninety-six terminals are provided on this strip; 3 terminals are grounded to the generator frame and serve to ground the manuals and pedals, and 91 terminals carry the various frequencies.

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