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On May 23, 2004, I became the proud owner of a Hammond S-6 Chord Organ. I purchased it at a flea market being held during the Greek Festival at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Trenton, NJ.

This organ has a serial number of 40592. Without tearing it apart, I have been unable to recognize any dates on any of the components. I am currently "wild guessing" that this organ was made in 1958 by comparing the serial number to a few others I have found on the web.

It is in good working order. I replaced the one tube that was missing. Through Ebay, I purchased a Tung-Sol tube for $4.99, plus about another $5 shipping

The missing tube had left me without 4 out of 12 notes from the bass pedals and the chord buttons. Thus, several of the three-note chord buttons produced only two notes, and one minor chord (F minor) produced a single note. But all is well now.


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