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Speakeasy Vintage Music

Speakeasy Vintage Music is a manufacturer of Vintage Hammond ™ , Wurlitzer, Clavinet, and Rhodes ™ parts as well as Vacuum Tube Studio and Leslie ™ preamps, and many innovative accessories for these vintage and classic instruments.

Speakeasy is also a restoration house, dealing in the sale and service of remanufactured Fender Rhodes ™ Pianos, Wurlitzer Pianos, Leslie ™ Speaker Cabinets, and Hammond ™ Organs.

Speakeasy provides these repair, maintenance, engineering, and restoration services for everyone from the individual enthusiast to the consummate professional musician, and the backline rental companies that supply their instruments on tour.

Whatever your vintage gear need, Speakeasy has you covered.

  Speakeasy Vintage Music
  3250 Schoolhouse Rd
  Dover, PA  17315



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