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 Sign and date your name below! 
 (I've re-organized this page. Now it's reverse sorted by month. If today's month is not listed, add it at the top of the list. -- JeffDairiki) 
+December 2013  
+# Great idea to make this site a wiki so that anyone can contribute. I have just stumbled upon a project, a Leslie 760 that need some caring. I found the information here really useful. Anders Lundkvist, Piteň, Sweden.  
 March 2013 
-Greate site, good informations.  
- Thank you.  
- Janis Merle, 20.03.2013 Germany 
+# Greate site, good informations. Thank you. Janis Merle, 20.03.2013 Germany 
 November 2012 
 # Just found this awesome wiki. I played a portable Gibson/Lowery organ back in the 60's and 70,s, but quit when I went to college (Big Mistake!). Now I am semi-retired so I bought the Hammond I always wanted...well almost. Instead of a B3, I bought a XK-3c with the XK-L and full pedal board, due to portability. I also have the Leslie 3300 to play through. Have been trying to figure the keyboard technology out for 2 years and progress is very slow. The manual is not very clear, nor is the instrument real intuitive. Also, there is no one in my geographical area to teach anything organ-related, technique or technology. That is why I am glad to find this wiki. While I am sure it will not make my left hand move well independently of my right, there seem to be some great information here. thanks to Jeff Dairiki and all contributors. -- Jeff Junck (jjunck@suddenlink.net) 11/11/2012 Mountain Home, Arkansas. 

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